Top-rated hosting, connectivity, cloud, and security solutions provider Continent 8 Technologies has just announced the launch of a brand-new private internet service. The company serves the global online gambling industry and with Gaming Exchange, Continent 8 can now provide an exclusive community for businesses in the industry.

Connect Faster and More Securely

With Gaming Exchange, companies within the gaming industry can now connect at a faster rate and more securely than with a standard internet connection. The service offers a seamless transition, with no need for any additional configurations.

Customers of Continent 8 can connect directly with other customers of the brand via the network by using a VPN instead of a public connectionFrom: nhà cái casino online. Gaming Exchange provides users with low latency and high performance, guaranteed by Continent 8.

The service offers a local and remote global reach with public IPv4 addressing. The Gaming Exchange includes an uptime rate at 99.9% and higher.

Additional Information on the New Network

Continent 8 reports that the Gaming Exchange offers unrivaled levels of security to its users, and it is not attackable externally, which brings peace of mind to users. The full protection involved ensures that the risk of a DDoS attack is minimal. Such attacks have been at an all-time high lately, so the secure connection helps gaming companies feel more at ease.From: game casino

Customers of the Gaming Exchange will receive access to Premium Portal, which is an analytical dashboard that provides a viewing option for traffic flow in and outside of Continent 8 to other partner companies.

Continent 8 Chief Product Officer Justin Cosnett, commented on the new service option by stating: “We know that iGaming companies are constantly talking to each other over the internet. The Gaming Exchange is a game-changer for the industry, an exclusive community for organizations to connect on a private, highly secure, and ultra-fast network.”

Cosnett pointed out that the Gaming Exchange offers a valuable solution for gaming industry companies. Continent 8 hopes to use the new service to continue to be a top-rated connectivity and security solutions provider for companies based around the world.

Approval in Pennsylvania

The announcement of the new internet service comes just a few days after the brand revealed it gained approval for operation in Pennsylvania. Certification was provided to Continent 8 Technologies in April with partner companies now able to use the laaS Gaming Cloud platform of Continent 8 in the state.

The Gaming Cloud option of Continent 8 is already offered in other areas of North America including New Jersey and Ontario. The goal of the brand in Pennsylvania is to become the top choice for hosting and connectivity in the Keystone State.